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Welcome to Citylink Virtual Airlines


This Virtual Airline is called Citylink VA (CLV), our headquarters is located at Maastricht Aachen Airport in the south of The Netherlands
Our goal is to make this VA as real as possible but has to stay fun for everybody since we are all people behind a computer and not in a real plane.
It is our intension to offer flights, other Virtual Airlines are not offering. We try to enclose more difficult schedules, like the Wadden Islands, trips into the Alp region, the approach into Reggio Calabria or nothern Norway. It is also our intension to offer more starting points, called hubs next to Rotterdam, Liverpool and Bergen. We are working to develop a hub in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

We complete "as real as possible", daunting airports with high quality planes. Which also means that we constantly change the destinations and monitor what is entering the market.


Our Fleet

This Virtual Airline consists of 4 types of planes like:
MAjestic Q400, TDFI B717, Aerosoft Twinotter Extended, Carenado's Caravan and PC12.
We did choose the the planes based on those criteria:

  1. Near study level

  2. High Quality

  3. STOL

  4. Rather out of production then still being build

  5. Small jets or Turboprops

This results in:

1, 2, 3, -, 5 Majestics Q400
1, 2, -, 4, 5 TFDI B717
-, 2, 3, 4, 5 Aerosoft Twinotter Extended
-, 2, 3, -, 5 Carenado PC12 and Caravan


Our fleet is on this moment in Transition to the  previously mentioned fleet.


Make your choice

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Active departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Tail
No Upcoming Departures.

Latest arrivals

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Distance
Frank Buijck CLL589 EGTE EGGP 01.10.00 158
Frank Buijck CLL588 EGGP EGTE 01.19.51 158
Frank Buijck CLL575 EICK EGGP 01.25.51 225
Frank Buijck CLL574 EGGP EICK 01.27.10 225
Frank Buijck CLL573 EGHQ EGGP 01.26.17 191
Frank Buijck CLL572 EGGP EGHQ 01.28.46 191
Frank Buijck CLL561 EGPH EGGP 01.20.01 158
Frank Buijck CLL560 EGGP EGPH 01.21.37 158
Frank Buijck CLL565 EGGD EGGP 01.02.41 117

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On - 03/02/2013