A warm welcome to Citylink Virtual Airlines.

Citylink-va is not based on a real world airliner. We are a so called fantasy va. Which does does not mean that we offer completely nonsense flights. We offer you realistic flights of a small airport in the Netherlands, called Maastricht Aachen Airport. You will find a mix of regional and international destinations to fly to.

Mainly all flights depart from Maastricht (EHBK) but when you climb the ladder you will be able to start interesting flights from Wilhelmshafen (EDWI) to do the Wadden island trips, or Bern (LSZB) and Birmingham (EGBB).
The flights vary in length from around half an hour to up to longstretched 4 hour flight for those who want to do longer flights.

If you are looking for a virtual airline with easy conditions to start your career as a virtual pilot, or to increase your flying skills with quirky aircrafts as a more seasoned pilot, you are all at the right place.

Join us today in the fun and sign up. Need more info before sign up? Click here.

Citylink-va is Back

Rob B - Thu, Apr 18, 2024 11:38 PM

Citylink virtual Airlines is back and the website is live. The planes are being polished, and nearly ready to go. The timetable is in rebuild. Come and join us in the fun.


Cessna C207 & C208 GC
DHC 6-300 Twinotter
BAE 146-200

Newest Pilots

Bor S - EHBK
Frank B - EHRD
David K - EBAW
Rob B - EHBK